Client Testimonials

I started practicing Yoga at Level to find flexibility and calm my inner stress. I carry a lot of it in my hips and lower back.  I can feel success since working with Julie.  At the end of her classes I feel relaxed, balanced and happy.

Debbie Larroque

I joined Level shortly after their doors opened in the early 2000’s and I took Yoga and Pilates classes and began using exercise equipment several times a week. I then moved to Seattle in 2006 and had to join separate Yoga and Pilates studios as well as give up machine work outs for my 10 years in Seattle. So one of my first actions when I returned to Cabin John in the Fall of 2016 was to rejoin Level. The number and variety of classes had mushroomed during my 10 years away. In addition to Yoga and Pilates classes, I started Tai Chi and Foam Rolling.  The variety of classes, quality of the teaching staff, and workout studio space are unmatched. Level is a truly unique fitness club.

​Helen Daniel